Questions About Us

  • Q: Why did you decide to teach/travel abroad?

Hope: I have always loved traveling and have several acquaintances who have taught English abroad. It was always something that piqued my interest so I decided to get my certificate to teach english as a foreign language (TEFL) last January with Brian. I wasn't sure when we would put it to use but we were able to get jobs in Vietnam right away and decided to seize the opportunity! 

Questions About Certification

  • Q: Where Should I get my TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate?

It all depends on where you plan on teaching, how much time you have to devote to your studies, and how intensive you want your course to be. We did a 120 hour course through Oxford Seminars, it was 4 weekends in person (8am-5pm SAT & SUN) and an online component. This was a "fast track" program and not as intensive as some other certifications. 

If you're still in College/University, looking into the TEFL program at your school would be a good option for a more well rounded certificate. If you're planning on teaching anywhere in Europe you should seek to get a CELTA instead of a TESOL/TEFL certificate. If you're planning on teaching in Japan, a more intensive program with more hours of instruction would be a better idea to secure a job there. Google is your friend if you're worried about what would work best for you!

Tip: Most schools are now looking for people with Bachelor's level degrees or higher in addition to a teaching certificate. You can find a job without a Bachelor's degree but the highest paying/most secure jobs now pretty much require one.

  • Q: How hard was the class?

The hardest part of our course was giving up our only days off! Otherwise the course was extremely informative and fun to take part in. You should be given all the tools you need to feel prepared to make your own lesson plans and present a lesson to a classroom. Our class was small and the sense of camaraderie made us feel comfortable asking questions and trying our hardest to succeed. You have to show up though!  Taking a course seriously may be the hardest part so really ask yourself if this is what you're interested in.

Questions About Packing/Travel

  • Q: What Should I bring with me to teach abroad??

Hope: I will have a post about this soon! It all depends on where you are going and what your personal preferences are. A good rule of thumb is usually less is more (as I learned while packing my own bags). Things you should DEFINITELY bring (and should be pretty obvious) are:  Passport &Visa,  Vaccination Documents, Insurance Documents, Copies of Degrees/Certification, Medication, pretty much anything super important!