Weddings and the West Coast

Our trip started with a special occasion, one of my best friends, Lindsey Bannister, invited me to Frederick to watch him get married to Carole Cool (great last name, right?).  The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was great.  I got a chance to catch up with a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while and Hope and I made some new friends as well.  The wedding party was great and we were sad that we had to cut the night a little short, but another 4 A.M. wake up time was waiting for us.  

As I was checking out and our car was pulling around, I saw the remnants of the party trying to book a room for the night.  We couldn't have been in two more different places.  I was all packed and ready to go.  They were smoking cigarettes and holding half empty bottles of brandy.  I was a little sad I missed out, but I would've died trying to face today with that type of hangover.  Facing LAX in any type of diminished capacity is ill advised.  

We drug ourselves through broken down terminals, alternately cursing the airport designers and exclaiming that we might die.  At this point, we had been sleeping little and drinking a lot because of the festivities and it definitely showed.  Thankfully, Rashad picked us up at the airport and introduced us to L.A. the right way:  driving on the 405 to get In-n-Out, which was a serious life saver.  

L.A. seems to have a great car culture despite the traffic.  I stopped being amazed at the sleek new Maseratis ubiquitously painted black, but there was a lot more to take in from the classic lowriders to all sorts of vintage sports cars.  My favorite was actually not even moving.  We passed a small, cramped parking lot full of classic Porsches in various states of disrepair.  It was the prettiest grave yard I've ever seen.

I'm looking forward to exploring L.A. more (especially the food), but so far it's off to a great start.

- Brian