A month (roughly) in

Hello again! Sorry about such a late update. Things have been pretty busy here and for the most part Brian and I have just been working and spending time at the apartment to save money.

Some Noteworthy Events

  • Last week Brian and I went to get our banking info set up so we can receive our first paycheck and we accidentally tipped the bike while parking and I got burned pretty badly on my leg. It's been healing since then and I've been keeping it clean and going easy on it.
  • Brian and I filed for and received a transfer to a VUS campus closer to our apartment. The commute to our school in district 12 has been a major headache for us so we're very happy to be placed in new schools starting on the 23rd that are basically right up the street from us. It kind of stinks because we like our classes and the staff at the District 12 school but so it goes.

A photo of district 1 to where we work in district 12


  • We went to the saigon zoo a few weeks ago which was cool! They have a lot of animals surprisingly and it was a nice adventure for the day. There are a bunch of photos on my facebook and a few on my instagram. 
  • This upcoming weekend is teacher's day! VUS is doing a party for all the VUS teachers on Sunday so we get to dress up and go to a party which will be fun!

We are still planning for some more interesting adventures! Since I was sick for a long time and then we were trying to save the last of our money before our paychecks, we weren't able to do much but life here has been good. Our classes are good and we have a lot of time to relax together, catch up on reading, drink the super strong/delicious coffee here, and eat delicious/new foods. We have settled into a nice routine ~